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Black Environmentalist Alliance

Champion. Build Community. Pursue Environmental Justice.

The Black Environmentalist Alliance (BEA) is a group of professionals working in the environmental field (entrepreneurs, government and private sector practitioners, philanthropists, activists and academics) committed to improving the environment and harnessing our collective voice to address issues of environmental justice and the lack of black representation and voices in the green movement.

Collectively, our work has involved community and stakeholder engagement, partnership building, navigating the regulatory environment, and working to address complex urban challenges such as the well-being of the local economy, strategic investment in infrastructure, revitalization of social infrastructure, climate adaptation and mitigation, urban health and justice, and strategic foresight for municipal planning.

The BEA seeks to:

  • support and elevate Black people in the profession,  

  • provide a safe space for peer-to-peer engagement to have real conversations and share experiences, and

  • advocate for the Black community and environmental justice.

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