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Lydia Morrison

A Natural Resource Manager with over five years of environmental monitoring and consultancy experience. I previously worked as a Junior Environmental Consultant and completed Environmental Impact Assessments for major government and private sector developments in Jamaica and the Cayman Islands with focus on water, air, and soil quality analysis. I have also conducted field work and sample collection to complete reports and meet permit requirements for various construction projects. 

I graduated from the University of the West Indies with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Biology and a Master of Science in Marine and Terrestrial Ecosystems. My areas of expertise include Tropical Terrestrial and Marine Ecosystems, Sustainable Development and Climate Change Resilience with particular focus on how this affects Small Island Developing Nations. After relocating to Canada,  I participated in Ryerson University’s Green Economy Bridging Program. 

I am passionate about using environmental protection education as a tool to encourage the preservation of the natural environment for future generations. I hope to be involved in outreach programs, targeting children and young adults, which would encourage the practical and sustainable use of natural resources.

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