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Shannon Carto

Driven by her passion for the environment, Shannon Carto has dedicated over a decade of her career to catalyzing political commitment and investment in the protection of the environment and action on climate change. Shannon currently draws on her expertise and training in climate
science and environmental management (Bachelor of Science, Master of Science, and Doctorate of Philosophy in Climate Science) to support the Ontario government in developing strategies, policies, programs, and projects that address these issues in a meaningful and effective way. Prior to her work in the public service, Shannon conducted scientific research on the reconstruction of ancient climate change and related impact assessments for the University of Victoria (BC) and the University of Toronto. 

Since she was young, Shannon has had a strong interest in addressing environmental and social injustice issues in her community and abroad, which has resulted in her involvement in various charities, non-profits, community groups, and volunteer organizations. 

Shannon is the proud mama of two boys and enjoys gardening, sewing, camping and mountaineering/hiking in her free time.

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